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Application of ozone technology in swimming pool water treatment

Ozone can decompose organic matter at a rate 100 times faster than chlorine because of its strong oxidation. It can effectively prevent the synthesis of chloramines from chlorine and urea, and at the same time oxidize the precursor of THM, which greatly reduces THM. Hydroxyl formed in water after ozone decomposition can hydrolyze polyvalent metal ions into colloidal compounds, which can be filtered through sand filters. It not only improves the sense of water, but also removes oxidized decomposed organic compounds in water.

1. Ozone and its secondary products (such as hydroxyl group) have the strongest bactericidal and inactivating effect on virus, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Experiments show that the same concentration of ozone kills bacteria and viruses 600-3000 times as much as chlorine. When the concentration of ozone is 1 mg/L, the inactivation of fecal Escherichia coli takes only 5 seconds and 15,000 seconds with the same concentration of chlorine.

2. It belongs to the internationally recognized environmental friendly green bactericide, and will not cause any secondary pollution to the environment.

3. When disinfecting with chlorine agents, chlorinated organic compounds and toxic gases such as chlorine vaporized from water accumulate over swimming pools and are not easy to disperse, which will damage human respiratory organs and seriously affect people's health. However, the use of ozone will not cause such problems at all.

4. Ozone can effectively decompose humus in water, oxidize iron and manganese ions in water, and decompose micro-organisms scattering light in water, thus greatly improving the clarity of water, making water appear beautiful blue, while chlorine preparations have no such effect. In order to make the water blue, copper sulfate is often added to swimming pools using chlorine preparations, which is extremely harmful to human beings.

5. The addition of chlorine preparations will inevitably lead to the change of the pH value of water and make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, alkaline or acidic substances should be added to neutralize it. Ozone is a neutral substance and will not cause such a problem.

6. It can greatly reduce the difficulty of management and operation of water treatment process, and has high safety. Chlorine preparations are dangerous in transportation, storage and use.

7. Ozone can decompose organic matter in water and has micro-flocculation effect. Therefore, under normal passenger flow, flocculant can be avoided.

8. Under certain conditions of use, ozone can be used as the only treatment agent without adding chlorine disinfectant, flocculant and pH regulator.

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