2019-04-22 19:54:03


Product introduction:

The disassembly villa swimming pool is to directly complete the customized production of standard components in the factory and assemble all kinds of villa swimming pool facilities in the field by simple assembling method. The disassembly villa swimming pool can also be quickly installed according to different user requirements. Compared with the civil swimming pool, it has obvious site adaptability and can be installed repeatedly.

According to the national standards, the disassembly villa swimming pool can meet all the competition and routine functions of the conventional swimming pool.

Product characteristics:

Demolition villa swimming pool customer service in the ordinary swimming pool in the approval, construction cycle, investment scale, land demand and other limitations, with low cost, simple installation, fast construction, reasonable use of the advantages of flat site. The dismantled villa swimming pool has excellent investment and can be open in season. It is a professional swimming facility operated by city, community, school and family users in peak season. It can help investors get rich returns and promote swimming and popularization.

The construction function of disassembly villa swimming pool is identical with that of standard swimming pool, which meets all the requirements of fitness, entertainment, training and sports. At the same time, all the disassembly villa swimming pools can be built in indoor and ordinary venues, such as basketball hall, tennis hall, badminton hall, track and field court and idle workshop, and the indoor is more convenient to open all year round.

System Composition:

Including swimming pool escalator, water escalator, pool side passage and safety guardrail, complete water treatment system, standard cleaning and sewage disposal equipment. The system meets the standard of swimming pool.

The structure of swimming pool body includes frame structure of swimming pool body, inner and outer panels, waterproof film and overflow tank in the pool. The water treatment system is designed and configured according to national standards. It contains circulating filtration equipment, disinfection equipment and medication equipment. The water quality meets the standards of FINA.